Zenair Ch 250 Zenith, G-RAYS, 19 August 2013

Zenair Ch 250 Zenith, G-RAYS


The pilot arrived at Skegness Airfield and flew a circuit to check the windsock. He saw that the wind was at 90º to Runway 03, but he had previously decided that Runway 29, which was into wind, was too short for his aircraft so he decided to make an approach on the former. This was done successfully, the pilot experiencing a slight bump on touchdown, following which he eased back on the power and control column, a technique which he described as normal for this type of aircraft.

Suddenly there was a second, more solid, bump and bounce and the aircraft rose several feet into the air with the nose slightly raised. At this point, the pilot decided to go around and applied power but the aircraft, veered sharply left toward a hedge and line of trees running parallel to the runway. It struck these and came to a halt before the pilot could correct the heading. He states that he believes he was startled by the unexpected bounce and may have been too slow to react.

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Published 10 December 2014