Yakolev YAK-18T, G-VYAK, 24 July 2012

Yakolev YAK-18T, G-VYAK


The pilot intended to fly a number of visual circuits at Popham. The weather was fine, with light winds and good visibility. Runway 21 was in use, which was a 900 m long grass runway

Whilst turning downwind for a touch-and-go, the pilot heard a transmission to a joining aircraft that there were two aircraft in the circuit. He thought that his aircraft was the only one in the circuit at that time (another had recently departed), but commenced a visual search for another. He could not see one, but noted three aircraft at the runway holding point awaiting departure. Two of these took off as his aircraft turned finals. The pilot selected landing flaps but forgot to lower the landing gear. The aircraft settled onto the grass runway and slid to a stop. The pilot secured the aircraft, made a radio transmission to the effect that he was uninjured and vacated without difficulty.

The pilot considered that he had allowed himself to become distracted by the search for other circuit traffic and monitoring aircraft lining up and taking off ahead and that this had led to his omission to lower the landing gear.

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