YAK-52, G-IMIC, 1 December 2009



The aircraft was making an approach to Seething Airfield, when the pilot’s attention was diverted by an aircraft backtracking the runway and he forgot to lower the landing gear. A minor malfunction of the flap operating light distracted him from his final check of the landing gear position and the aircraft landed with the wheels still retracted. A review of wheels up landings by both YAK-50 and YAK-52 aircraft, compared with other single engine aircraft types with retractable landing gear, revealed that there has been a disproportionate rate of wheels up landings involving YAK aircraft in the UK. No specific reason for this could be identified, so action has been taken by the CAA and YAK operators to make pilots more aware of the hazard.

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YAK-52, G-IMIC 11-2010.pdf (318.09 kb)

Published 10 December 2014