Yak-52, G-CBOZ, 19 June 2008

Yak-52, G-CBOZ


On arrival overhead Lashenden, the pilot had selected the landing gear ‘DOWN’. The green ‘DOWN and LOCKED’ indications confirmed that the nose and right main landing gears were correctly positioned, however, there was no green indication for the left main landing gear. The pilot performed numerous landing gear retractions and extensions, high G manoeuvres and emergency system extensions in order to attempt to lower the left main landing gear; but without success. He then elected to carry out a wheels-up landing and alerted the emergency services. The pilot was uninjured and exited the aircraft without difficulty. Bird remains were found embedded in the left gear uplock mechanism which had prevented the release of the uplock which was necessary in order to extend the gear. The main landing gear on the Yak 52 retracts forward however, when retraced the legs remain exposed beneath the fuselage. The pilot commented that he had carried out a low, fast flypast at Headcorn prior to selecting the landing gear and, although he had not been aware of any birds, he considered that that the birdstrike was likely to have occurred during this manoeuvre.

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