Yak-52 G-CBMI, 28 June 2005

Yak-52, G-CBMI


On a return flight from East Midlands, the pilot overflew the strip at Onecote to check the windsock before making his approach to land on the grass Runway 34. This runway is 600 m by 30 m, but also has a 50 m extension at the far end. It is located on the spine of a high ridge, and is subject to strong up and downdraughts. There is also a fence close to the left edge of the runway. The pilot reports that he landed slightly long and fast, and maintained braking in order to stop in the remaining distance available, however he was unable to prevent the aircraft drifting to the left until it struck a gatepost with the left wing, some distance short of the end of the runway. The aircraft then swung left into the fence. The pilot was uninjured and was able to vacate the aircraft normally. The pilot attributed the cause of the accident to his misjudgement compounded by variations in the wind direction whilst landing.

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