X'Air R100(1), G-BZER, 11 July 2011

X’Air R100(1), G-BZER


Whilst in level flight at cruise power, the engine suddenly coughed, began to run roughly and suffered a significant power drop. The pilot reduced the throttle setting to minimise the roughness, placed the aircraft in a glide at about 55 mph and searched for a suitable location for a forced landing. With limited options available, he chose a long field of barley crop ahead of him. He was aware of power lines near each end of the field. Once he could see the nearest and was confident of clearing it, he closed the throttle and switched off the master switch. He held off at a height of approximately 10 ft and gently flared the aircraft. As it contacted the dense crop it slowed suddenly and pitched forward, causing the nose gear to hit the soft ground and collapse. After sliding about 40 ft the aircraft gently pitched over inverted, coming to rest on top of the crop. The pilot was uninjured.

Subsequent examination revealed that the head of the exhaust valve on the left cylinder had become detached from its stem, causing extensive internal damage to the engine.

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Published 10 December 2014