X'Air Falcon 912(1), G-CBVE, 26 June 2010

X’Air Falcon 912(1), G-CBVE


In preparation for a landing at an unfamiliar field to support a fete, the pilot spoke with the event organizer and walked only part of the field. The next morning the pilot arrived overhead at approximately 0420 hrs and had a closer look at the field during two descending orbits. He failed to notice a ditch running across his intended landing area at a distance of about three quarters of the way along from his anticipated touchdown point. As reasons for this the pilot cited factors including orbiting in a less than optimal location to avoid disturbing local inhabitants, difficult light conditions and concentrating on ensuring no new obstacles, people or animals were in the landing area. He rejected his first attempt to land due to excessive speed and made an immediate right turn to avoid overflying habitation. His second attempt resulted in a successful touchdown but braking was ineffective due to the wet grass and the bumpiness of the field. The pilot did not notice the ditch running across his path until it was too late for a safe go-around. He tried to turn the aircraft using rudder but it slid sideways at a slow speed into the ditch. The pilot shut the aircraft down and exited unaided.

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Published 10 December 2014