X'Air Falcon 133(1), G-CCNL, 5 July 2012

X’Air Falcon 133(1), G-CCNL


The aircraft was descending through about 1,500 ft prior to joining the circuit at Sandy Airfield when the engine lost power. The pilot carried out the appropriate actions to restore normal power, but without success. Although the engine continued to run, it would not produce more than 1,800 rpm.

The pilot selected an area of common ground in which to make a landing. The landing itself was successful, but the aircraft encountered an unseen ditch which caused damage to the landing gear and airframe. Upon inspecting the engine, it was found that part of a valve rocker on the inlet valve side had sheared off.

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X’AIR Falcon 133(1) G-CCNL 10-12.pdf (253.27 kb)

Published 10 December 2014