X'Air 700(1A) X'Air, G-CBCM, 20 September 2008

X’Air 700(1A) X’Air, G-CBCM


During initial climb after a normal takeoff, the pilot heard the engine note change unexpectedly. Seeing a suitable field ahead, he elected to carry out a precautionary landing. The landing was uneventful until at a low speed, the left main landing gear wheel rolled into soft ground. Subsequent inspection showed that the stub axle had cracked. The pilot considered that the engine problem was caused by vapour lock, and following discussions with the engine manufacturer’s agent, he re-routed the fuel line to the left side of the engine so that it ran behind, rather than in front of, the carburettor. The aircraft was inspected by a BMAA Inspector and returned to service.

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X’Air 700(1A) X’Air, G-CBCM 02-09.pdf (281.26 kb)

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