X-Air 582, G-BZUP, 4 December 2008

X-Air 582, G-BZUP


During final approach at a height of about 300 feet the engine stopped almost immediately. The instructor realised that he could not glide to the runway so he carried out a sideslipping turn to the left to try and land crosswind in a field immediately below and to the left of the final approach path. On landing the right mainwheel sunk into waterlogged ground and its axle sheared resulting in the aircraft pitching forward, shearing the nosewheel fork and damaging the propeller. The aircraft remained upright and came to a rest in a very short distance. The instructor and student were able to exit the aircraft normally and there was no fire. The engine stoppage was the result of fuel exhaustion which was possibly caused by an abnormally high fuel flow due to contamination within the fuel jamming a carburettor needle valve open.

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Published 10 December 2014