X'air 582(2), G-BZGN, 29 June 2011

X’air 582(2), G-BZGN


On left base to the grass strip the pilot experienced significant sink and so increased the engine power to maintain altitude. The pilot reduced power on final approach as he set the aircraft up for a crosswind landing on Runway 20. The pilot stated that the wind at the time was from 185? at 5 kt. As he rounded out he encountered more sink, causing the aircraft to descend rapidly and touchdown on the main gear in long grass just short of the runway. The aircraft travelled along the runway on the main gear for about 40 m before the nosewheel touched down. The nose gear collapsed and the aircraft pitched over to the inverted position before coming to rest, causing substantial damage to the aircraft. The pilot, who was wearing a four-point harness, was uninjured and made the aircraft safe before exiting.

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Published 10 December 2014