X'air 133(1), G-CCGR, 4 October 2013

X’air 133(1), G-CCGR


The student pilot was undertaking solo circuit practice with his instructor observing from the ground. He had performed one takeoff and landing and backtracked to take off again on Runway 22. The weather was good with a slight south-westerly wind. Having performed the normal pre-takeoff checks, the takeoff was normal until, having cleared the airfield and at a height of about 300 ft, the engine vibrated and stopped. The pilot attempted to restart the engine but it would not turn over. So he switched off the fuel and electrical power and concentrated on finding a suitable landing site.

The subsequent touchdown in a grass field was successful but, in the last few metres of landing roll, the aircraft struck a small drainage ditch, causing damage to the landing gear and underside of the fuselage. The cause of the engine stoppage has not currently been determined.

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Published 10 December 2014