Wolf WII Boredom Fighter, G-BMZX, 8 May 2011

Wolf WII Boredom Fighter, G-BMZX


The pilot stated that, as the aircraft was rolling out after landing at a speed of about 25 mph, he became distracted by a marshaller. As the pilot turned his head back in line with the rollout, he realised that the aircraft was yawed to the left and so he applied full right brake, but was unable to arrest the swing to the left. At the final point of the ground loop, the right lower wingtip struck the ground, bending it upwards. After the aircraft came to rest, he exited the aircraft normally, having switched off the fuel and electrics. He attributed the accident to “a momentary lapse of concentration”.

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Wolf WII Boredom Fighter, G-BMZX 09-11.pdf (213.01 kb)

Published 10 December 2014