Vol Mediterrani VM-1 Esqual, PH-GCJ, 13 January 2009

Vol Mediterrani VM-1 Esqual, PH-GCJ


The pilot lost directional control of the aircraft whilst landing on Runway 25 at Ludham Airfield; it ran off the right side of the runway, about 110 m from the upwind end, into a cultivated field. The pilot was uninjured and damage was confined to the aircraft’s main landing gear. Runway 25, which was described as damp at the time, is a 459 m concrete runway with a displaced threshold: the landing distance available is 420 m. The weather was fine, with a surface wind estimated at 5 kt from the west. The aircraft has a castoring nose wheel, with ground steering achieved through differential braking. The pilot thought that the main wheels had locked up whilst braking after landing fairly well into the runway, leading to the loss of control. He considered that not making an early go-around decision and a lack of recent ground handling practice were contributory factors.

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