Vans RV-6A, G-RVNI, 3 September 2011

Vans RV-6A, G-RVNI


After lining up on Runway 16 the pilot applied full power and the aircraft began to accelerate along the runway. The pilot reported that the takeoff run appeared to be progressing normally, with right rudder applied to maintain the runway heading. As the aircraft’s speed approached 55 kt he applied backpressure to the control column to raise the nose, but the aircraft pitched up uncontrollably. The aircraft then veered to the right and passed through a fence, coming to rest in a field adjacent to the airfield. Both occupants were uninjured and were able to leave the aircraft without assistance.

The pilot attributed the accident to a lack of experience in operating from grass runways and the possibility that the nosewheel struck an undulation in the runway surface as back pressure was applied to the control column.

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Vans RV-6A G-RVNI 01-12.pdf (208.08 kb)

Published 10 December 2014