Vans RV-4, G-BXPI, 16 October 2008

Vans RV-4, G-BXPI


The pilot had already completed six uneventful circuits using Runway 28 at Swansea Airport. The seventh circuit was also without incident until the flare on landing, which was carried out “a little high” and as the power was reduced the aircraft sank, resulting in a bounce. The aircraft then veered to the left and departed the asphalt runway surface onto grass. The wheels dug into the soft earth and the propeller stuck the ground “three or four times” before the aircraft came to a halt on the disused Runway 33. The pilot and the passenger were uninjured and exited the aircraft normally. Following an inspection of the aircraft, which only revealed some damage to the propeller, the pilot taxied back to the apron.

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Published 10 December 2014