Tucker DG Taylor Titch, G-VIVI, 2 July 2005

Tucker DG Taylor Titch, G-VIVI


The pilot prepared to take off for a local flight by backtracking and then positioning the aircraft on the right hand side of grass runway 22. The surface wind was estimated as varying between 220? and 260? at a maximum of 15 kt. After a very short take-off roll, the aircraft became unexpectedly airborne, possibly as a result of a gust of wind from the right. In response to this the pilot pushed the control column forward to raise the tail and thereby allow forward vision. The aircraft was drifting to the left and although full right rudder and some aileron was applied, directional control could not be established. At this point the aircraft was flying at less than 45 mph and started to roll right so the pilot reduced the amount of right aileron and rudder. The aircraft continued to drift left at about five feet above the ground until the left wheel caught in the tops of a rape crop which was growing to the side of the runway. The aircraft then descended rapidly nose first into the crop and flipped inverted. The pilot, who was wearing a lap and diagonal harness, was able to escape uninjured by climbing out of the left hand side where the fuselage had been destroyed.

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Published 10 December 2014