Tri-R-Tech Tri Kis, G-BVZD, 10 July 2005

Tri-R-Tech Tri Kis, G-BVZD


Returning from a flight to Leicester the aircraft was on approach to Runway 05 in good weather with a wind from 060? at 10 kt. During the flare the aircraft stalled at approximately two to three feet above the runway resulting in the aircraft touching down heavily on its tail and main gear. The aircraft bounced twice resulting in the nosewheel bursting and the propeller tips striking the runway surface. Despite the damage the pilot was able to taxi the aircraft off the runway and back to the flying club. In a candid report the pilot admitted that he allowed the airspeed to reduce too low during the flare.

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Tri-R-Tech Tri Kis, G-BVZD 9-05.pdf (174.03 kb)

Published 10 December 2014