Tri Kis, G-BZDR, 24 May 2014

Failure of nose landing gear leg, Perth Airport, 24 May 2014.


Following an uneventful flight, the pilot carried out a normal approach and landing on Runway 23 at Perth Airport; the wind was described as light. During the ground roll the pilot reported hearing a loud ‘dink’ and a metallic noise followed by severe nosewheel shimmy. Believing that he had a puncture, the pilot held the control column in the aft position to unload the nosewheel. However he then heard a loud scrapping noise from the area of the nosewheel and so shut the engine down. The aircraft came to a halt on the runway resting on two of the three propeller blades. The pilot transmitted an emergency call before vacating the aircraft. The airfield emergency vehicle attended.

The event occurred as a result of the failure of one side of the fork on the nose landing gear leg. The owner and the maintenance organisation that examined the landing gear leg reported visual evidence of a fatigue failure. Neither the AAIB nor the Light Aircraft Association had the opportunity to inspect the leg before it was repaired.

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Tri Kis G-BZDR 09-14.pdf (196.93 kb)

Published 10 December 2014