Thunder AX7-77, G-BSZH, 2 September 2009

Thunder AX7-77, G-BSZH


The balloon was approaching to land at the bottom of a valley in a sheltered field free of livestock but crossed by power lines. The surface wind was approximately 3 kt. The pilot reported that the balloon approached clear of the power lines until, approximately 20 ft above the field, it reversed direction briefly before continuing towards them. The pilot used the burner in an attempt to arrest the descent but the balloon suspension cables touched the power lines before this took effect. The balloon slid along the power lines until continued contact caused the suspension cables to break, releasing the basket which fell approximately 15 ft to the ground. Two passengers received minor injuries during the impact. The pilot commented that backing of the balloon was probably caused by local reversal of airflow in the lee of a ridge over which it had flown on approach to the field. He noted that the balloon had had sufficient fuel aboard to continue the flight into an area of more open ground beyond the selected field.

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Published 10 December 2014