Thruster TST Mk 1, G-MTKA, 21 July 2012

Thruster TST Mk 1, G-MTKA


At approximately 100 ft agl, after taking off from Otherton Airfield on a training flight, the aircraft’s engine lost power. The commander took control and elected to make a 90º turn to the right, towards a crop field, in order to avoid a hedge and power lines. During the landing the aircraft’s right wing touched the crop, resulting in a ground loop that damaged the wings, nose fairing and fuselage main tube. The aircraft owner reported that following the accident the engine was stripped, revealing scoring marks on the exhaust side of both pistons, consistent with engine overheating and seizure. He attributed the engine failure to misadjusted carburettor jet needles in both carburettors, which caused the engine to run with a lean mixture and subsequently overheat.

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Thruster TST Mk 1 G-MTKA 11-12.pdf (219.94 kb)

Published 10 December 2014