AAIB investigation to Thruster T600T, G-MZKT

Loss of directional control on landing at Great Thorns Farm, Swaffham, 29 March 2014.


The aircraft took off from Runway 07 with the reported wind from 100º at 10 kt. After a normal circuit, the pilot was approaching to land back on the same runway using the ‘crab’ method to compensate for the crosswind from the right. As the aircraft crossed the threshold, he changed to a right-wing-low technique and touched down on the right mainwheel first. He closed the throttle and the tailwheel settled on the ground. At that moment, a gust of wind lifted the right wing. The pilot was not able to correct using the ailerons and applied power to go around. The aircraft then veered to the left and the left mainwheel struck the raised, ploughed edge of the runway. As it left the runway and entered a rough grass field, the aircraft tipped onto its nose and left wingtip, rotating through about 180º before coming to rest in an upright attitude.

The pilot stated that his failure to anticipate the gust of wind coupled with his decision to go around - he believes the aircraft would otherwise have probably stopped on the runway - were the major factors in the accident.

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Thruster T600T G-MZKT 08-14.pdf (134.21 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014