Thruster T600N 450, G-PSUK, 22 February 2011

Thruster T600N 450, G-PSUK


The commander was teaching circuits to the co-pilot, who was an experienced flex-wing microlight pilot. Following two well-flown circuits, the co-pilot landed the aircraft and back-tracked Runway 25, in preparation for a further takeoff. The weather conditions were reported as being CAVOK, with no significant wind. The commander reported that, after a takeoff roll of 330 m and with the ASI reading 55 kt, the co-pilot pulled back sharply on the control column, causing the aircraft to unstick and decelerate. The aircraft drifted right of the runway, with the right wing low. The co-pilot reduced power and the aircraft touched down on the right mainwheel, before pitching forward onto its nose and overturning. Both occupants were uninjured and were able to release their four-point harnesses before leaving the aircraft via the cabin doors, without further incident. The commander commented that the single central control column made it difficult to shadow the co-pilot’s control movements whilst instructing on this aircraft type.

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Published 10 December 2014