Tecnam P92-EA Echo, G-CBGE, 5 September 2012

Tecnam P92-EA Echo, G-CBGE


The pilot reported that he made an overhead join to land at a farm strip near Ledbury. The reported surface wind at Gloucestershire Airport, approximately 12 miles away, was 350° at 8 to 10 kt. However, as the windsock indicated a wind at the farm strip that did not appear to favour either runway direction, the pilot elected to land on Runway 25.

During the approach, the pilot became aware that the wind was coming from the right and therefore used the crab technique in order to maintain the aircraft on the runway centre line. Everything appeared normal until the pilot initiated the flare and reduced the engine power when the aircraft started to drift to the left side of the runway. On touching down the aircraft was angled towards the edge of the runway, so the pilot braked and applied rudder to regain the centre line. However, the aircraft ground looped during which it momentarily tipped onto its left wing and nose.

The pilot stated that, in his opinion, the incident happened as a result of braking hard and steering the aircraft to avoid some rough ground.

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Published 10 December 2014