Team Minimax 91A, G-BXSU, 21 September 2010



The pilot made a local flight before returning to land. He reported that, during the final stages of the approach, the airspeed was allowed to reduce below the normal approach speed. Engine power was reduced for landing, and a combination of low airspeed and reducing elevator authority meant that he was unable to arrest the aircraft’s rate of descent and it landed heavily, with the landing gear collapsing and the propeller striking the ground before the aircraft came to a stop. The wing struts were also damaged. The pilot was uninjured and exited the aircraft without assistance. He considered that the cause of the accident was a lack of speed control and power during the flare.

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Team Minimax 91A, G-BXSU 11-2010.pdf (234.46 kb)

Published 10 December 2014