Team Minimax 91, G-MWZM, 19 June 2010

Team Minimax 91, G-MWZM


The aircraft had been flown to Old Sarum earlier that morning to take part in the ‘Fly-UK 2010’ round-Britain event. The pilot completed the pre-flight checks and the aircraft then took off. At around 800 ft agl the engine started to lose power, and a few seconds later, stopped. The pilot had a limited choice of options for a forced landing and chose a narrow strip of long grass alongside a fence. During the approach the pilot allowed the airspeed to decay excessively and the aircraft stalled at a height of between 6 and 10 ft. It then struck the ground, damaging the landing gear and both wings; the pilot was uninjured. The fuel pipe in the wing tank had recently been replaced and the pilot considered that a fuel problem associated with this pipe might have been a contributory factor.

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Published 10 December 2014