AAIB investigation to Team Minimax 91, G-BZOR

Heavy landing at Farley Farm Airstrip on 16 March 2014.


The pilot intended to fly a circuit prior to landing. On the approach, he felt that his glidepath was somewhat flat, so he applied power to climb a little before reducing it for touchdown. During this process, he states that he became distracted by the gusty conditions and closed the throttle too early. The airspeed decayed and led to a stall about 6 ft from the ground. The subsequent heavy landing caused the landing gear to collapse.

The pilot cites inattention and a lack of familiarity with the aircraft as the main causal factors in the accident.

Download report:

Team Minimax 91 G-BZOR 07-14.pdf (132.53 kb)

Published 10 December 2014