Taylorcraft BC12D Twosome, G-BSDA, 29 September 2011

Taylorcraft BC12D Twosome, G-BSDA


The aircraft took off from Rowhook in West Sussex for a flight to Shoreham. The pilot was expecting an approach to Runway 20 but was instead directed to land on Runway 13, with a reported wind of 9 mph from the south-east. However, he reported that he “mentally scrambled” the runway numbers and positioned for an approach to Runway 31. He touched down smoothly at an airspeed of 55 mph after which he observed the remaining landing distance available reducing rapidly. He applied heavy braking and the aircraft flipped over, ending up inverted at the end of Runway 31.

The pilot considered that insufficient preparation and “momentary confusion” led him to land on Runway 31 which had a higher tailwind component. He was wearing a full harness and despite sustaining a serious injury, exited the aircraft unassisted.

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Taylorcraft BC12D Twosome G-BSDA 02-12.pdf (228.90 kb)

Published 10 December 2014