Taylor Titch, G-MISS, 8 November 2009

Taylor Titch, G-MISS


The aircraft had been built from plans and was flying on a Permit to Fly. The owner lent the aircraft to a friend who, for his first trip in this type of aircraft, was briefed to fly a few stalling exercises followed by a few circuits back at the airstrip. The weather conditions were good and the aircraft departed from grass Runway 36. It was last seen by the owner at a height of approximately 2,000 ft, several miles to the north of the airstrip in a left turn. Witnesses saw a small aircraft enter a steep spiral dive, complete several revolutions, then crash into a bank on the edge of the River Nene. The investigation found no mechanical cause for the accident. The spin characteristics of the aircraft were assessed by an aerodynamicist, who considered that the aircraft would probably recover from a spin should the pilot make the correct control inputs. The post mortem revealed that the pilot’s cause of death was multiple injuries, although, given his medical history, it was considered possible that he had suffered from an incapacitating cardiac event just prior to the accident.

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Published 10 December 2014