Taylor Titch, G-BABE, 15 December 2013

Taylor Titch, G-BABE


The pilot was taking off on Runway 24 at Netherthorpe, which is grass and has a Take Off Run Available (TORA) of 490 m. The pilot states that the wind was from 200º at 4 kt, although other observers estimated that the wind strength was closer to 10 kt. The aircraft became airborne just after the Runway 18/36 intersection (about ? of its length) and started to climb away. The pilot reported that at a height of about 12 ft, a gust of wind from the left caused the aircraft to roll to the right and the right wingtip struck the ground. It ‘cartwheeled’ and came to rest in a field some 20 yards to the right of the runway. Despite severe damage to the aircraft, the pilot, who suffered only minor injury, was able to evacuate through a hole in the lower fuselage made when the wings had detached.

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Published 10 December 2014