Taylor Monoplane, G-BLDB, 25 March 2010

Taylor Monoplane, G-BLDB


The aircraft is a monoplane having a conventional tailwheel undercarriage. Making his first flight in G-BLDB, the pilot flew a series of circuits and go-arounds at Sandtoft Aerodrome, before positioning for a full-stop landing on Runway 23. The reported surface wind was 160 degrees at 15 kt. The pilot stated that the touchdown appeared normal, but the aircraft had then veered towards the left side of the runway. He applied corrective rudder and the aircraft then started to drift to the right of the runway. As the aircraft’s speed had reduced to the point where rudder authority had diminished, the pilot applied the left brake. The aircraft ground looped to the left, left the paved surface of the runway and entered an area of rough grass. It came to a stop as it tipped onto its nose and right wing. The engine stopped as the propeller struck the ground. The right undercarriage was also damaged. The uninjured pilot was assisted from the aircraft by the AFRS. The pilot considered that the ground loop had been a result of excessive application of the left brake. He had flown a total of 77 hours on fixed wing aircraft of which six hours were on aircraft equipped with a conventional tailwheel undercarriage.

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Published 10 December 2014