Taylor Monoplane, G-BDAD, 12 January 2013

Taylor Monoplane, G-BDAD


The aircraft’s engine started normally and ran without problem, both before takeoff from Runway 11 at Breighton and during the initial part of the flight, with carburettor heat being applied at intervals. The weather conditions reported at nearby Church Fenton were: partly cloudy, temperature 4°C, dewpoint 2°C and a wind from 110° at 10 kt.

About 25 minutes after takeoff, the pilot flew a low-level pass along the runway at Breighton. On climbing out through about 400 ft, with full power set and about 60 kt airspeed, the engine briefly misfired then stopped. The pilot selected a field approximately ahead and carried out a forced landing into wind. The touchdown was uneventful in the ploughed field, but the aircraft pitched nose down as it came to a stop and inverted, breaking the canopy. The pilot, who was wearing a full harness, escaped from the aircraft by breaking pieces of the remaining canopy and digging to create an escape route.

When the aircraft was subsequently recovered, the pilot was able to turn the engine by hand. He observed that the engine had performed well until the stoppage, which he thought was due to carburettor icing.

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Published 10 December 2014