Tanarg/iXess 15 912s(1), G-TEAS, 29 May 2012

Tanarg/iXess 15 912s(1), G-TEAS


The pilot reported that he had taken off in a north-westerly direction from the airfield at Calton Moor. The weather conditions were fine, with a light south-westerly surface wind. The temperature was 21°C and the pilot described the conditions as “thermic”. The takeoff had been normal until a height of about 80 ft, when the microlight (which was near the maximum takeoff weight) stalled. The left wing dropped and the aircraft descended in a spiral to the ground. The pilot, who was wearing a lap strap, suffered serious leg and internal injuries, while the passenger, who was wearing a lap strap and diagonal harness, suffered no injuries. Both occupants were wearing protective helmets.

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Tanarg iXess 15 912s 1 G-TEAS 10-12.pdf (252.48 kb)

Published 10 December 2014