Streak Shadow, G-BVTD, 10 August 2013

Streak Shadow, G-BVTD


The pilot trimmed the aircraft for landing on Runway 26 at Stoke Golding at an indicated airspeed of 60 kt then, at a height of 6 ft, decided to go around. The Shadow has a throttle lever on the left of the cockpit and a ‘sidestick’ control column on the right, whereas Piper PA-28 aircraft he had flown previously have a throttle operated with the right hand and a control yoke held in the left. Instead of advancing the throttle with his left hand, he pushed the control column forward with his right. Although he realised his mistake, he was unable to prevent the nose landing gear from striking the ground and collapsing. He considered that his lack of experience with the Shadow was the reason for his error.

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Streak Shadow G-BVTD 01-14.pdf (136.40 kb)

Published 10 December 2014