Streak Shadow, G-BUVX, 11 December 2005

Streak Shadow, G-BUVX


After taking off from a 300 m long farm strip for a flight in the local area, G-BUVX reached a height of approximately 50 to 80 ft in the climb out when the engine lost all power. Trees situated beyond the upwind end of the strip precluded a landing directly ahead, and so the pilot lowered the nose and initiated a turn to the left. After dismissing the option of landing in a field of sheep to the left of the strip, he turned back into wind and carried out a landing into a rough field of ‘set-aside’ land, situated just beyond a barbed wire fence and ditch which formed to boundary of the upwind end of the strip, to the left of the trees. The pilot was subsequently able to establish that the engine had failed as a result of fuel starvation, resulting from the blockage of a fuel pipe by excess sealant used to seal the fuel gauge sender unit mounting flange against the tank wall.

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Published 10 December 2014