Streak Shadow, G-BUGM, 10 July 2010

Streak Shadow, G-BUGM


The aircraft was flying from Sibson airfield to Northampton airfield when, approximately 10nm north-east of the destination and at a height of about 1500 ft agl, the engine lost power over a period of five seconds. Attempts to restart the engine failed. The prevailing wind was southerly at 15-20 kt, reducing to 10 kt at the surface. The pilot turned the aircraft into wind and made a MAYDAY call. He identified a field and carried out a forced landing. The landing was abrupt and resulted in damage to the nose wheel, nose cone, fuselage and strobe but no injury to the pilot. The pilot cancelled the MAYDAY, turned off the fuel and electrical power and vacated the aircraft. Having exited the aircraft the pilot discovered that he had landed across Wold Lodge farm strip. The strip runs east to west and had a standing crop about 18 inches high on either side. The pilot reported that there was sufficient fuel and oil onboard. The weather conditions were conducive for a moderate risk of carburettor icing using cruise power and a serious risk with descent power. At the time of this report, the cause of the engine failure was unknown.

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Published 10 December 2014