Stolp Acroduster Too SA750, G-BUGB, 26 July 2008

Stolp Acroduster Too SA750, G-BUGB


The aircraft departed from Runway 06 at Farthing Corner Airfield in Kent and was seen to climb to a height of 300–400 ft. The aircraft then turned back towards the airfield and flew in the direction of the hangar complex. As it approached the hangars, the nose pitched up and what appeared to be an aileron roll to the right was commenced. When the aircraft became inverted, the rate of roll appeared to slow or stop momentarily. The roll continued but the manoeuvre then appeared to become more of a barrel roll. The aircraft descended and struck tall trees before impacting the grass surface of an orchard. Members of the public were quickly on the scene but were unable to release the pilot who received serious burns from the ensuing fire.

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Published 10 December 2014