Starduster Too SA300, G-STOOand Westland Wasp HAS1, G-BZPP, 5 March 2011

Starduster Too SA300, G-STOO and Westland Wasp HAS1, G-BZPP


The Wasp helicopter was in a low hover, about 150 m in from the Runway 04 threshold. The pilot of the Starduster was flying an approach to Runway 04 but was not aware of the presence of the Wasp. The Starduster collided with the rear of the Wasp and crashed on the runway nearby, coming to rest in an upright attitude but tipped forward onto its nose. The Wasp yawed uncontrollably to the right and landed heavily, causing the left undercarriage to collapse.

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Starduster Too SA300, G-STOO and Westland Wasp HASI, G-BZPP 07-11.pdf (256.56 kb)

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