Starduster Too, G-BTGS, 12 October 2008

Starduster Too, G-BTGS


The aircraft was returning to Shoreham after a short local flight. Following a normal approach it touched down briefly before bouncing and finally landing whereupon the left landing gear began to collapse. The aircraft veered off the left hand side of the runway and the right landing gear collapsed before coming to rest following a ground roll of approximately 50 m. The pilot judged the landing had not been particularly firm despite the bounce. It was found that part of the underside of the tubular steel fuselage framework to which the landing gear had been attached had failed at a weld joint. Part of the fracture surface appeared darker than elsewhere indicating that that a crack in the weld had been present for some time. This area had been repaired following a previous accident at Staverton on 15 October 1986, when registered as G AYMA.

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Published 10 December 2014