Staaken Z-21 Flitzer, G-ERIW, 16 July 2005

Staaken Z-21 Flitzer, G-ERIW


The pilot made a normal approach to grass Runway 03 at Popham. During the flare prior to landing, the hand grip of the control column slid off the column allowing the nose to pitch down. Before the pilot could regain control, the nose hit the ground and the aircraft pitched over onto its back. The pilot, who was wearing a 4 point harness, was able to vacate the aircraft’s open cockpit without injury. The hand grip was made from turned wood and held onto the control column using a friction fit. During recent hot weather, the wooden grip had cracked, allowing it to move freely on the steel shaft of the control column. A new grip is currently being manufactured from aluminium which will be secured onto the control column by a retaining bolt.

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Published 10 December 2014