Spezio DAL-1, G-NOBI, 21 April 2007

Spezio DAL-1, G-NOBI


During the approach to land, the engine started to run roughly and the aircraft failed to reach the airfield. In the subsequent final approach for the forced landing the pilot reported the speed becoming too low, and the elevator response being less than expected as he commenced the flare. The aircraft landed heavily, and in doing so the landing gear became detached and the pilot suffered a severe compression fracture to a vertebra, which required hospitalisation. Whilst not conclusive, the most likely reason for the rough running of the engine was the continued selection of carburettor heat during the approach. This, combined with the engine mixture being set to rich, probably caused the engine to run excessively rich and to eventually run roughly. The pilot’s lack of experience on type was considered a factor in the subsequent forced landing.

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Published 10 December 2014