Speedtwin ST2, G-STDL, 22 April 2009

Speedtwin ST2, G-STDL


Whilst in the cruise at 4,000 ft and accelerating towards maximum speed, a loud bang was heard and the right engine began to vibrate, followed by some smoke and a smell of hot oil. The pilot shut down the right engine and selected the propeller switch to the feather position. However, the propeller failed to feather and the engine continued to rotate. Control of the aircraft was maintained with the left engine but the right engine vibration remained severe, which necessitated an immediate forced landing. This was subsequently achieved at the disused airfield of Woodbridge. After landing, it was apparent that one of the blades on the right propeller unit had failed at the root. Additionally, it was evident that the departing blade had struck the aircraft nose and one of the left propeller blades.

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Published 10 December 2014