Societe Menavia CP301-C3 Emeraude, G-BIVF, 28 July 2012

Societe Menavia CP301-C3 Emeraude, G-BIVF


The aircraft was landing at a private airstrip after a 40-minute local flight. The weather was fine, with a westerly wind of about 10 kt and temperature of 25°C. The grass airstrip was orientated 06/24 and was approximately 800 m long with a hedge crossing the beginning of the strip in the 24 direction.

The pilot reported that the aircraft became slow on the approach and sank. He applied power to correct this, but the aircraft landed heavily approximately 40 m short of the start of the airstrip. Both occupants were wearing full harnesses and neither was injured. The pilot considered that his low flying time on type was probably a contributory factor in the accident.

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Published 10 December 2014