Societe Aeronautique Normande Jodel DR1050, G-ARXT, 7 March 2014

Societe Aeronautique Normande Jodel DR1050, G-ARXT


The aircraft was landing on Runway 21 at Cranfield when the accident occurred. The pilot described fine weather conditions and a wind from 260° at 11 kt, although he reported that the wind was gusty. During the landing roll, the pilot lost directional control and the aircraft performed a ground loop, sustaining slight damage to the left main landing gear leg. The pilot considered that his rudder inputs during the landing roll had been late and insufficient, considering the wind conditions he encountered.

The Tower controller initiated the crash procedure and the Aerodrome Fire Service attended the scene. However, neither the pilot nor his passenger was injured and the pilot was able to taxi the aircraft to the parking area.

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Published 10 December 2014