Socata TB9 Tampico, G-BMZE, 6 March 2005

Socata TB9 Tampico, G-BMZE


After completing a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and confirming that the available field length was sufficient for the aircraft weight and local conditions the pilot completed prolonged engine runs to ensure that the carburettor was free from ice build up. Initially the takeoff appeared normal however, as it approached 60 kt, the aircraft pulled to the right and the speed decreased to 50 kt. The drift was corrected but the aircraft failed to accelerate beyond 55 kt. The takeoff was abandoned but, due to the runway being wet, the pilot elected not to apply braking. Full left nose wheel steering, in an attempt to avoid a hedge at the end of the runway, which resulted in the collapse of the nose landing gear. The aircraft came to rest with its right wing through the hedge. The passenger and pilot were uninjured and vacated the aircraft via the right door. On inspection the nose wheel was unable to rotate due to a build up of mud and grass in it wheel spat. A smaller quantity of mud and grass was found in the right wheel spat. Tracks made by the aircrafts undercarriage were visible for the last third of the runway length which showed clear evidence of intermittent skidding of both the right and nose wheels. The condition of the runway surface during the above examination showed that at the time of the accident the runway had been sufficiently soft to allow mud and grass to be thrown into the wheel spats restricting wheel rotation resulting in the intermittent lock-up of both the nose and right main wheels, and this most likely prevented the aircraft from accelerating normally.

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Published 10 December 2014