Socata TB20 Trinidad, G-HGPI, 1 December 2004

Socata TB20 Trinidad, G-HGPI


The aircraft was returning to Bournemouth Airport on a cross country flight from Cherbourg, France. When the pilot selected the gear down only the nose gear ‘down and locked’ green light illuminated. The pilot recycled the gear up then down, but again only the nose gear indicated down and locked. The pilot then tried to lock the main gear down by pulling the emergency gear extension knob, but this was unsuccessful. After reporting the problem to the control tower he performed a low fly-by. During the fly-by the tower controller reported that the main gear appeared to be extended. The pilot carried out a normal circuit to the right to land on Runway 08. Upon touchdown the right main gear leg collapsed and the right wing tip struck the runway. A maintenance organisation examined the aircraft and discovered that the hinged struts that lock the main gear down were stiff in operation. After lubricating the hinges and treating them for corrosion the gear extended and retracted normally.

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Published 10 December 2014