AAIB investigation to Socata TB10 Tobago, G-CFME

Loss of control on encountering poor weather, 11 nm SE of Bristol International Airport, 30 September 2013


The accident occurred during a flight from a private airstrip back to the aircraft’s home base at Henlow. Poor weather conditions were forecast along the planned route, with low cloud and poor visibility. The pilot obtained only minimal meteorological information beforehand, which led him to believe that conditions were suitable for the proposed flight. When the aircraft encountered the poor weather, it started circling and descended to a very low level. It came within close proximity of a tower, forcing the pilot to carry out an avoiding manoeuvre. This placed the aircraft in an unusual attitude at low height and in very poor visibility, a situation the pilot had neither the training nor experience from which to recover.

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Socata TB10 Tobago G-CFME 08-14.pdf (430.12 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014