Slingsby T67M260, G-EFSM, 23 November 2006

Slingsby T67M260, G-EFSM


Whilst attempting to recover from a spin during an aerobatic training flight, the instructor was initially unable to move the rudder pedals from their fully pro-spin position. He managed to free the pedals by applying a high pedal force and was then able to recover from the spin. The restriction delayed recovery by an estimated two and a half turns. The restriction had probably been caused when one of the pedals contacted a fixed bracket, probably due to a relatively small lateral displacement of the rudder pedal mechanism. The displacement could have been due to wear in the rudder pedal mechanism, deformation of a bracket supporting the mechanism and/or displacement of the bracket because of cracking of the floor structure to which it was mounted. Adequate checks aimed at ensuring sufficient clearance had not been specified, but detailed repetitive inspections mandated following the incident may be effective in detecting progressive deterioration of the mechanism. The inspection programme would not preclude the possibility of damage to the support bracket or its mountings, potentially allowing interference to free movement of the pedals, from remaining undetected until the subsequent inspection. Two Safety Recommendations have been made.

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Published 10 December 2014