Slingsby T67C Firefly, G-FORS, 25 May 2005

Slingsby T67C Firefly, G-FORS


An instructor and his student were conducting a training flight when the aircraft was seen to enter a spin. The aircraft was still in a spin when it impacted the ground. There was no evidence of a mechanical problem; however, it is possible that the engine might have stopped during the spin. Whilst it was not possible to establish what the instructor planned to do on this flight, the investigation concluded that the aircraft probably entered an unintentional spin during an exercise involving oscillatory stalling. This particular exercise is not part of the UK Private Pilot’s Licence syllabus. As this exercise is considered inappropriate for ab initio flying training, a recommendation has been made to the CAA to ensure that flying instructors do not include oscillatory stalling during early flying training.

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Published 10 December 2014