Slingsby T67A Firefly, G-BIOW, 26 May 2013

Slingsby T67A Firefly, G-BIOW


During takeoff from Runway 29 at Sherburn in Elmet Airfield, the nose landing gear oleo and nosewheel detached from the aircraft. The pilot reported that the takeoff was normal, except that he had felt a minor ‘bump’ through the rudder pedals at rotation. After discussions with the Chief Flying Instructor on the VHF radio, a decision to divert to Humberside Airport was made. After making a practice approach the pilot selected the engine, fuel and battery off on short final and landed on the foam covered runway at Humberside. The aircraft remained upright and the pilot and passenger, who were uninjured, were able to vacate the aircraft normally.

The pilot reported that the upper part of the torque link appeared to have failed and that the lower part of the link was found still attached to the lower oleo assembly. The maintenance organisation confirmed that the circlip which located the oleo into the leg was found with the detached oleo and it appeared to them that the failed torque link had allowed the oleo drop out as the aircraft became airborne. The reason for the upper torque link failure had not been identified.

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Published 10 December 2014